Michael Rapaport

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Producers who seek out directors with a gift for cultivating what’s most human on screen would do well to consider this Manhattan native.  He’s the owner of a stellar acting resume comprised of work on the silver screen, TV screen, and video game screen.   His on-screen humanity has been on display in a diverse and impressive list of breakout titles in all media:  “True Romance,” “Zebrahead,”  “My Name is Earl,” “Boston Public,” “Friends,” “Prison Break,” and “Grand Theft Auto III.” He fomed his Directing chops on an early episode of "Boston Public". 

Michael moved behind the camera for the remarkable documentary, “Beats, Rhymes & Life:  The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest.” He was documenting the reunion of his musical heroes, but this was far more than a garden variety salute to a group’s musicography.  It was dramatic proof of how deep a documentary can go and an announcement of a director’s star on the rise.

His most recent documentary  project "When the Garden Was Eden" takes a close look at The New York Knicks during ther championship runs in the 1970's.

Michael’s wife, Nichole Beattie, has borne him two sons, Julian Ali and Maceo Shane.