Jamie Kennedy

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Jamie Kennedy, spent his formative years in Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania, born to a paralegal and a machinist...and being abused by Catholic nuns. Jamie put all long-term goals out of his mind other than getting the hell out of school and finally pulled it off by age 18.  For all those years of schooling, they still never told Jamie what Phil Collins felt coming in the air tonight.

When an entertainment career beckoned, he relocated to the West Coast and honed his skills on the comedy circuit.  His first break was landing a plum role in Baz Luhrmann's filmed adaptation of "Romeo + Juliet".One of Jamie's early career creative ventures was the invention of a talent agent character who actually booked acting roles for his client-self.

The strategy paid off handsomely with major motion picture roles in the "Scream" series. It wasn't long before real talent agents came on to help land Jamie high profile parts in "Three Kings," "Bowfinger,"As Good As It Gets" and "Son of the Mask."Soon came above-the-title roles in his own TV series comedies.

They range from the spontaneous man-on-the-street/sketch comedy encounters of "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment"-to the feature film and now cult classic, "Malibu's Most Wanted", starring alongs Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson.

The sheer range and wit of Jamie’s movie and TV creations has garnered him a massive cult following not to mention a well-earned reputation as a go-to Hollywood talent.

He’s handed over the role of talent agent to professionals.